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Adult Classes

All Skill Levels Welcome!

Get ready to delve into the adventurous world of en plein air watercolor painting. Weather permitting, classes will be on location. We will go to Newburyport, Gloucester, Essex and Ipswich to seascapes and landscapes. Lessons will include basic watercolor techniques, color mixing, perspective and composition. 

The class will cover wet-on-wet techniques, glazing and washes. Students are welcome to bring photos for reference. 

Adult classes run every Wednesday 9:30am -12:00pm Classes start May 13th, 2020

Kids' Classes

All Ages Welcome!

These painting classes offer a fun, creative and stimulating way for kids to spend their summer days. They will learn about colors and basic painting techniques. 

Weather permitting, we will be painting outside on the deck. Some classes we will take about a 3 minute walk to the beach nearby to collect shells, rocks and other bits of nature to use as the subjects for paintings. 

Kids' classes run every Tuesday 10:00am - 12:00am including a 20 minute break for snacks.


Suggested Supplies (Adults)


1” flat (I suggest Winsor Newton).  You can substitute another brand for this if you like but make sure it has “spring” to it. When you pull the bristles sideways, they should spring back.


Universal Liner (either # 10 or 20) 

Grumbacher Brislettte Fan Brush # 9- this is actually an acrylic brush that gives great variety to a watercolor painting. 

Yarka Classic Mop Brush (any size) or Isabey Petite Gris or Quill Mop (series 6234).


You will think these are expensive brushes until you see it perform! 



D’Arches Watercolor Block 14 “ x20” or larger. 140 lb, cold press



Robert E. Wood Watercolor palette is the best! 

But, you may choose any watercolor palette. 


Watercolor Paints

Cadmium red

Rose Madder Genuine or Permanent Rose

Cadmium Yellow Medium

Aureolin Yellow

French Ultramarine Blue.

Cobalt Blue 

In addition to the above tubes buy 1 tube each of a:  green, purple and orange that you like. These are the secondary colors. Feel free to buy any other colors that grab your attention!

* Stay away from Chinese White  

Suggested Extras

2 large water containers (plastic yoga containers or any plastic container)

Spray bottle (like a windex bottle)

Winsor Newton Masking Fluid (I suggest the one that is slightly yellow in color, easier to work with)

Masking tape

Paper towels 

# 2 pencil

gum arabic eraser

any photos you would like to work from.

More Brushes I recommend:

flat brush: 2 or 3 “ flat wash brush, any brand.

scrubber: one of Cheap Joe’s Fritch Scrubber’s 

(I like # 6 the best) 

big liner: Stratford & York Jet 190 medium or large. 



Contact me to sign-up for classes